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    1       CE115AL-10        FRONT WHELL RIM - SPOKED - H 115mm - AL - WITH HUB AND BEARING
    2       CE116AL-10         REAR WHELL RIM - SPOKED - H 145mm - AL
    3       CE011VA-05        FRONT WHEEL RIM SPOKED H 130mm - AL WITH SAFETY SCREWS
    4       CE018VA-05        REAR WHEEL RIM SPOKED H 180mm - AL WITH SAFETY SCREWS
    5       CE104MG-10        MAGNESIUM FRONT RIMS 132 MOD. "A" WITH HOLES "MG LINE"
    6       CE103MG-10        MAGNESIUM REAR WHEEL RIM H212mm MOD. "A" WITH HOLES "MG LINE"
    7       CE106MG-10        MAGNESIUM WHEEL RIMS L. 132/212 MOD "A" WITH HOLES - "MG LINE"
    8       CE109MG-10        MAGNESIUM FRONT RIM L.132 MOD "B" FULL - "MG LINE"
    9       CE108MG-10        MAGNESIUM REAR RIM L.212 MOD. "B" FULL - "MG LINE"
    10     CE112MG-10        MAGNESIUM WHEEL RIMS L.132/212 MOD. "B" FULL - "MG LINE"
    11     VV001-05             TUBELESS VALVE - SHORT
    12     VV002-05             TUBELESS VALVE - LONG
    13     VT032-05             SELF - LOCKING NUT FOR RIM HUB CLAMPING M8 - FLANGED
    14     VT031-09             SET OF 3 SAFETY SCREWS FOR DOUGLAS RIM

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